Consoltec achieves Cybersecurity Canada Certification

Consoltec achieves Cybersecurity Canada certification for its flagship linguistic project management system FlowFit.

Through 20 years of experience working with companies in highly regulated industries, Consoltec acquired the knowledge to maintain a high security level when deploying FlowFit to its clients. Today, we are proud to earn the Cybersecure certification and to be recognized by the federal Canadian government as a reliable provider of linguistic project management solutions.

Over the past months, our dedicated teams focused their efforts on improving security practices by training employees and implementing several new privacy measures and policies, which has enabled Consoltec to become fully compliant with government-recognized cybersecurity standards and to obtain its cybersecurity certification.

Consoltec has experienced significant growth in the last few years due to its web migration, allowing us to conquer the translation market in the United States and Europe, but also making it necessary for us to comply with international security standards. With this in mind, we have decided to put more efforts into maintaining our clients trust and finally earned this great reward to successfully wrap up 2022.