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Committed to providing the best translation management system since 2002. Consoltec guarantees a software that best fits your needs. By integrating FlowFit into your company, you can expect a full A-to-Z report for all your projects, facilitating the overall process. With this fully customizable project management system, you can expect a pleasant experience you can trust.


FlowFit’s dashboard and application are user-friendly while still incorporating various options and features. Consoltec made sure that this customizable and adaptable application is easy to use. With FlowFit, Consoltec offers four modules: Client, Freelancer, Project Management, and Reports. Each module works in similar ways adapting to each customer’s needs, all the while giving a full user experience.


Integrating FlowFit guarantees you a return on investment of 50% in less than six months. That’s a guarantee. If you are currently using a manual management application, you know that you spend most of your time making sure that the tasks are being transferred correctly; hence, the overall process is very slow. By integrating FlowFit, you can trust that your time will be well allocated and will enhance the value of your work. Having FlowFit as your translation management solution can help you save time on all projects, hence providing you with the annual savings you desire.


At Consoltec, our commitment is to provide high quality solutions and guarantee leading technical assistance. We believe that our team provides the best customer support. We strive to create and maintain long lasting connections with our customers. Our technical support team is at your disposal to immediately answer any questions or address concerns you might have. Our consultants offer the utmost training to ensure your staff is properly qualified and you have the necessary tools to maximize your system. Our team constantly adds new features and enhancements to the software, often based on client suggestions.







Canadian Blood services - testimonial - Consoltec - Translation Management System
FlowFit is a very efficient and easy-to-use software. It is also fully integrated to our translation tool LogiTerm. Consoltec’s team is very professional and knows its product extremely well. They listen to their clients and are constantly making improvements to their software.

Claude Dréano,
Manager, Translation Services, Canadian Blood Services

gf - testimonial - Consoltec - Translation Management Solution

For us, FlowFit was the obvious choice seeing as how easy it was to integrate it into our translation memory tool. Since then, we are extremely satisfied and know that we have made the best possible choice.

Pascal Brice,
Translation Specialist, The Global Fund

Bayer - Testimonial - Client - Consoltec - Translation Management System
We are currently a team of 3 people and we wanted a solution that allows all team members to manage projects interchangeably. The Consoltec team has adjusted the software to our needs and gave us the solution we needed. FlowFit is a very powerful and comprehensive tool for translators, and easy for customers. This application simplifies our daily work because everything is centralized.

Translation team,

Ceridian - Consoltec Inc - Translation Management Solution
The integration of FlowFit has completely changed the process of the linguistic services team at Ceridian Services. We were able to put aside our multiplatform manual processes by integrating a single solution for all the necessary tasks such as: the distribution of work, routing and reporting of tasks. This allowed us to make substantial business decisions and save an enormous amount of time.

Mélanie Beauchamp,
Team Leader, Linguistic Services, Ceridian

CPA - Client - Consoltec - Translation Management System
We were very impressed with the service provided by the Consoltec team, who spared no effort to ensure the product met our needs. Today we couldn’t do without FlowFit, a tool that has made managing translation projects easier for our employees, clients and freelancers.

Jane Finlayson,
C. Tr. Director, Language Services

AMF - Consoltec Inc - Translation Management Solution
An integrated platform was the only solution to meet our needs, which is what FlowFit and LogiTerm offer.

In addition to producing key management indicators and reducing the administrative burden, FlowFit enables translators to focus on what they do best: translate. Attentive to an evolving industry, the FlowFit team makes every effort to tailor solutions to its most exacting clients.

Natalie Rheault,
C. Tr. Director, Autorité des marchés financiers