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A Recognized
Global Company

Driven by a passion for the world of translation and an interest in project management in this field, Jean-François Mur founded Consoltec in 2002 and has since then surrounded himself with a dedicated and professional team of experts who have helped him earn a solid reputation within this industry.

An Innovative
Vision of the Field

Being passionate is not enough. For Consoltec, being innovative in the translation field in project management means putting everything on the table. It is daring to go beyond the limits of what has already been done. It is to be in continuous learning and to be on the lookout for technological advances. It’s getting out of your comfort zone and integrating new ideas into an already existing solution.

Our research and development team is constantly on the lookout for the latest technological advances in artificial intelligence in order to take Consoltec’s expertise and the quality of our products to a whole new level.

A Proven
Collaborative Approach

As an entrepreneur, Jean-François has made choices. One of which is to foster continuous development with business partners. Each of Consoltec’s employees actively participates in the continuous improvement of the products thanks to their feedback, comments and suggestions.

With a collaborative approach, the Consoltec team makes every effort to become a partner of choice with all of our business partners.

Jean-François Mur, President

A Customer-Centric

It is by having at heart the desire to create long-term relationships with our customers that we are able to develop a user experience that will meet their needs.

Our team of committed professionals ensures constant monitoring with our customers and is able to adapt quickly in order to evaluate their level of satisfaction regularly. Listening to our customers is making sure we evaluate their level of satisfaction which is very important to us.

A Quick and
Personalized Installation

Our experts support you to promote a quick installation of our products.

Our personalized approach allows for a complete analysis in order to assess the needs for the management of a language project and assess the state of the system already in place. This analysis allows us to advise you on the ideal product to optimize your processes and thus save you time and money.

A Reliable
Technical Assistance

The Consoltec difference: work with peace of mind thanks to our technical support team available to you. Consoltec offers you an efficient and reliable remote technical support service, whatever the issue you are facing.

With a well thought out user experience, we are able to assist you in each of the stages of managing your language projects.