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A Translation Business Management System, sometimes also called a Translation Project Management System, is a software that aims to automate business-related and Project Management-related aspects of content translation, thus increasing the efficiency and margin of its users.

Process automation, reduced management costs, range of customization options, an overview of the current workload, a variety of reports and a comprehensive statistical analysis are some of the fundamental components of a Translation Business Management System. FlowFit provides all of these, packaged in a modern user friendly UI and an industry-leading security level.

Translation management systems vary in complexity with low-cost options often offering do-it-yourself translation solutions, while enterprise-level systems like FlowFit provide extensive features to enhance project scalability. Most prominent differentiators include intelligent automation, workflow flexibility, powerful reporting and dashboard, all with industry-leading security level.

Project Management platforms typically do not have a translation interface. However, FlowFit seamlessly integrates with systems specialized in Translation Memory management like memoQ, LogiTerm, SDL Trados, SDL GroupShare.

Yes. Two solutions are possible. With the rise of remote working, the trend favors a cloud-based approach. On the other hand, a local installation is also available according to the customer’s preference.

SSO is not only a measure of user-friendliness, it also greatly impacts the security of any system by managing the access rights. FlowFit supports both SAML, OKTA and other unique authentication systems.

A go-live focused training is a fundamental aspect of FlowFit implementation process. Client-dedicated team of FlowFit experts works hand in hand with the client team to ensure an optimal use of the platform.

The Consoltec team includes several agents dedicated to customer support in North America and Europe. They are available to answer all your requests. Our remote technical support service is efficient and reliable, no matter what your issue.

Systems like FlowFit aim to automate translation processes in order to save time and money on Project Management. FlowFit goes beyond just that by offering user-controlled intelligent automation, comprehensive time and cost tracking, all to reduce costs and maximize margins in a fully controllable manner.

FlowFit understands how important change management is for our clients, that’s why our implementation process is both Agile and progressive. Our approach prioritizes business process thinking, what allows maintaining cost-effectiveness and timely project completion as our track-record shows.

The duration of an implementation project depends on multiple factors depending on complexity and level of client involvement. FlowFit implementation ranges from as low as 6-7 weeks, to a couple of months (e.g. if custom development work is required).

FlowFit clients see financial benefits as early as with the next billing cycle after go-live. However other benefits, such as process efficiency and redundant step cleanup can be observed even as early as after implementation kick-off.

The effects of implementing FlowFit go far beyond Project Management. Optimized cost structure is a big benefit for Finance Teams in organizations using FlowFit, while business teams take advantage of FlowFit robust reporting features that allow them to make better informed decisions faster.

The ROI (Return On Investment) of implementing a Translation Business Management System will vary depending on factors such as your current workflows and cost structure. FlowFit affects Project Management efficiency, financial optimization of translation projects as well as overall organizational capacity. If you want to discuss your situation in detail, we would be happy to analyze it together.

The benefits of using FlowFit at an Enterprise Language Team are multi-level. Not only does FlowFit raise the efficiency of project management, but also brand consistency by rigid provider controls, interoperability in the tech-stack of the organization by powerful integration capabilities or the overall business relevance of the team through access to insightful data via FlowFit robust reporting module.

FlowFit can replace your current Project Management solution, be it an outdated home-developed system, a spreadsheet or paper-based checklist system. FlowFit aims to optimize your whole tech-stack by adding value at multiple steps of its use.

FlowFit comes with powerful and battle-tested integration capabilities. Our Team is experienced in handling various integration scenarios, so you can completely rely on us regardless if you do or do not have a technical team in-house.

Thanks to FlowFit’s modern and user-friendly UI, you don’t have to be technical to be able to use it. FlowFit learning curve is steep and with our individual approach to implementation, you will be a proficient FlowFit user in no time.

At FlowFit we do not necessarily focus on the size of a team, but first look at the complexity of the work it handles. If you want to check if your team could benefit from using FlowFit, just get in touch or reference our article on who we are not a good fit for.