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A language project management solution is a software that automates many tasks related to the translation process.
Process automation, reduced management costs, range of customization options, an overview of the current workload, a variety of reports and a comprehensive statistical analysis.
In recent years, Consoltec has developed recognized expertise as a supplier of superior technologies in language project management. FlowFit allows unique flexibility and offers the possibility of managing linguistic translation projects as well as other types of projects: graphics, communication, interpretation, design, etc.
No. Our software does not automatically translate content. However, our tool integrates with translation memories such as memoQ, LogiTerm, SDL Trados, SDL GroupShare. Our solution automates the manual steps in the translation process.
Yes. Two solutions are possible. With the rise of remote working, the trend favors a cloud-based approach. On the other hand, a local installation is also available according to the customer’s preference.
Yes, by SAML, OKTA or others unique authentication systems.
Being customer-centric, FlowFit provides an optimal user experience. Training is a fundamental aspect in order to ensure an optimal use of the platform.
The Consoltec team includes several agents dedicated to customer support in North America and Europe. They are available to answer all your requests. Our remote technical support service is efficient and reliable, no matter what your issue.
By automating all the processes, you save a lot of time in project management and with the Integration of translation memories. By pre-analyzing documents, you significantly reduce costs and eliminate the need to translate content that has already been translated. With FlowFit, you can therefore optimize your yield while saving money.