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Take the management of your translation projects to the next level by integrating FlowFit and memoQ

Process Automation
Centralization of Project Management
Save Time and Money
memoQ and Consoltec’s FlowFit are both powerful tools – but together, they are able to deliver more than the sum of their parts. FlowFit integrates with memoQ seamlessly enhancing and expanding the possibilities for localization professionals.

Beyond the product, we also appreciate the company culture at Consoltec and the special partnership it enabled with us. Last but not least, our customers love FlowFit!
Bruno Bitter
I have been using FlowFit (FF) for a few months, but have known about the app for a while. What convinced me to get this tool was the integration of memoQ and FlowFit. I have been using memoQ since it was first created and this product meets our business needs perfectly. I have been waiting for a long time for a product that will combine translation project management with translation memory and then the FlowFit app became available on the market.

Thanks to the integration of memoQ with FlowFit, processing and analyzing files is quick and easy and task dispatching in memoQ is done in no time from within FlowFit! Thanks to the process automation that FlowFit provides, I save time and I can now devote my time to running my business and save money. Although it is already very useful as a solution in language project management in its current state, FlowFit is constantly evolving and will have several new features in the future. I invite you to be part of this future with me and the Consoltec team.
Stéphan Gervais
Adéquat, services linguistiques
Consoltec has worked hard to make the integration with memoQ as smooth and easy as possible. Creating and managing memoQ projects from FlowFit is very simple thanks to the good communication between both tools; importing documents with filters, re-importing, retrieving document analysis, assigning documents, splitting a project... everything runs smoothly and you don't have to work twice on two separate platforms. Also the team is constantly adding new functionalities to improve FlowFit's efficiency.
Fab Rossini
Espresso Communication