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This year we are celebrating Consoltec's 20th anniversary!

This year we are celebrating Consoltec’s 20th anniversary! We are celebrating 20 years of innovation, efforts, successes, failures, victories, commitments, and ongoing challenges. This event calls for both a reflection on the past and a reaffirmation of our vision for the future. In 20 years, we have succeeded in building a unicorn company – a company that has made its mark on an international market despite strong competition and constant technological evolution.

Today, Consoltec has achieved several important milestones that have contributed to its positioning and to FlowFit’s exponential success in the translation and localization industry. This success is closely linked to a corporate culture that is primarily based on trust, pride, and recognition – three values that have inspired a collaborative mindset that is embraced by an exceptional team of passionate and motivated people.

  • Trust is demonstrated by the mutual respect between employees who have different skills, ideas and responsibilities.
  • Pride is defined by the sense of community, involvement and integration of the various team members with a focus on achieving a common goal.
  • Recognition not only for the efforts of the team but also for the clients and partners who have trusted us.

For 20 years now, we have made it a priority to satisfy our clients’ expectations and we have focused on adapting FlowFit to their different needs. Because of its compatibility with the different working methods and habits of users, FlowFit has now become one of the most flexible linguistic project management tools on the market. It has been a very long journey that motivates us to go further and that we dedicate to our team members, partners, customers and all of those who believed in us.