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Consoltec becomes a Microsoft partner and brings FlowFit to a higher level

For 20 years, Consoltec has been committed to researching and developing a translation project management system known as FlowFit. Originally designed to manage translation projects, FlowFit has now been expanded to various other types of projects in the translation and localization industry, making flexibility one of the main advantages of the tool.

Over the years, we have responded to the specific needs of our clients, with our fully customizable web application offering a wide range of features, automation, and excellent user experience.

This web-based version, launched a few years ago, has made FlowFit an increasingly powerful tool that
has earned the trust of more than 100 clients and thousands of users worldwide. As such, Consoltec is committed to remaining responsive to the needs of the industry and strives to maintain a focus on innovation in order to always remain at the forefront of technology.

New partnership with Microsoft

Today, Consoltec is moving closer to its goals by developing a brand new partnership with Microsoft that will improve all of the past research and development. This strategic partnership is primarily based on the use of Microsoft Azure as the primary FlowFit cloud provider. Thanks to its strong reputation around the world, this partnership will give Consoltec even greater visibility on a global level.

Microsoft is also making its resources available to Consoltec, which will allow our team to focus on implementing new features to meet the emerging needs of the translation and localization industry. As a result of this partnership, Consoltec will be able to leverage Microsoft’s resources to take its technical skills to the next level and enhance the security and reliability of FlowFit. This will certainly be an excellent result reflecting Consoltec’s efforts to provide the best translation project management solution to linguists worldwide.