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Let’s Talk TMS With Patrick Nunes, Director of Global Communications & Design at Rotary International

When did you start to work with Consoltec – FlowFit TMS? How did you discover it?

We started working with them in 2018, that’s when we finalized the contract. But I first met Jean-François in 2016 at a conference in New York. That’s when we were really starting to investigate and look for a partner to develop a workflow management system for us. At that time, the goal was to get a translation management system that would replace the one that was built in-house in our organization that no longer worked properly.

Between that first meeting in 2016 and 2018, we carried out an RFP process. To identify the requirements that we needed for a tool, for a platform to really help, we carried out a full process and workflow review within our group.

Back then, did you consider many other TMS?

We did, yes! After we had our review and were ready to start to look at potential solutions, we identified 3 or 4 different companies that could meet our requirements.

What led you to choose FlowFit?

There were a few main things I would say that led us to choose FlowFit. One of them was the flexibility and the common understanding that FlowFit was going through some changes. They were going more toward a cloud-based platform and they were expanding.

The team really worked to understand exactly what we needed. So, a big part of that decision has to do with the flexibility and the openness that FlowFit had to listen to what we needed and keep some of our needs in mind as they were developing their platform further. That was one of the reasons we were very attracted to FlowFit.

What would be one of the other reasons?

Another reason had to do with the fact that, at the time, the global communications team worked very closely with the design team. So, we had two systems built in-house that pretty much didn’t have a seamless integration. Even though I was responsible for the global communications side, which houses the localization program, it was very interesting for us to have a platform that could allow us to integrate the workflows of the design team. We wanted to bring everything under the same umbrella. Some of the platforms out there had that possibility, had those integrations, but they were extremely geared towards translation and only translation. They were robust TMS. However, when it came to integrating some of the design components in the workflow process, those components became hostage to the translation workflows. To customize those TMS would come with a very high price tag.

FlowFit, on the other hand, offered a multi-team feature and a project management feature without being hostage to the translation system. For us, that was interesting because we needed more of a workflow solution with translation management versus a limited translation management system. That was very important. Because of that, we saw the possibility of expanding even further the usability of FlowFit, not only within the translation and design teams but also with the rest of the communications team – which is what we have today!

Is it accurate to assume that Consoltec- FlowFit TMS is more than just a supplier to you?

We knew there was a risk with FlowFit being somewhat of a new platform. We also knew there was a risk with being a kind of guinea pig in this process. However, we had a very friendly and very good understanding that our requirements and requests would help the development of FlowFit and make it more marketable for many more clients out there.

It was kind of a win-win situation. We were very thankful, and we still are, that Jean-François and the team can provide us with such a tool. This situation benefits us and it benefits FlowFit.

Do you or your team have a favorite feature?

The fact that FlowFit doesn’t sit within a translation management rigid structure allows us to use the best project management features that there are. We use it for a variety of projects, not only translation.

We also use the multi-team feature to expand it to the whole department. So, if somebody has a request for a video, for example, we now have a workflow for that. And we are now working to link workflows between different teams so we can bring more teams on the same project and offer more visibility on what each team is working on.

What would be the top 3 features?

The multi-team feature, the project management aspect (not only translation project) and the memoQ integration. I forgot that one earlier!

How would you describe the Consoltec team?

It’s very friendly. It’s very agile. I believe that every relationship between a client and a vendor, it’s great until something goes wrong. It’s when something goes wrong that you actually face the reality of that relationship. We have had experience with vendors – in different areas, not necessarily in terms of TMS – that when something goes wrong, it becomes a finger-pointing game. Whose fault is it? Where was it?

I think with Consoltec it’s very different. We really see them as an extension of our team, and when something does happen – which is not a lot – but if something goes wrong, there is a desire to look for the cause of the problem without the finger-pointing. It’s just from the perspective of a team working together. Whenever there was a glitch or something on their end, they always own up to that and they work hard to fix it and make sure it doesn’t happen again.

That’s how I would describe the team and the services provided; friendly, agile, open to criticism, open to feedback, and honest on what they can or can’t do. Honesty is a big part of our collaboration.

Do you see yourself continuing to work with Consoltec – FlowFit TMS?

Yes! Last year, when we renewed our contract, it was important to us to extend the period of our contract. Because we appreciate the weekly contact with Consoltec and we see great potential with the tool and its many features. And I believe they see potential in us in terms of being offered ideas and thoughts or features that they can look into adding to make their tool more appealing. So I definitely see ourselves continuing to work with them.

In conclusion, would you recommend Consoltec – FlowFit TMS?

I would, definitely!