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FlowFit Welcomes a Company in the Video Games Industry

We offer innovative software in the field of linguistic project management and process optimization. We recently announced the addition of a new major client to our list. This client is a renowned company in the video games development sector, known for its captivating multiplayer games and diverse projects ranging from fantasy to science fiction.

This collaboration marks a significant step for FlowFit, as it allows us to extend our services to a dynamic and constantly evolving industry. FlowFit’s software, designed to improve efficiency and productivity, will be a valuable asset for this video games developer, especially in managing complex projects and optimizing development processes.

The company will greatly benefit from the integration of FlowFit into its operations. This partnership provides an opportunity for FlowFit to demonstrate its versatility and adaptability in a constantly evolving sector.

Here are the main benefits following the implementation of FlowFit:

Effective Collaboration:

  • The company can now optimize workload distribution and track the progress of tasks in real-time.
  • Informed decisions are at hand with comprehensive analysis reports and enlightening statistics.
  • Improved communication and collaboration with clients.
  • Enhanced capabilities and efficiency in project management.

Process Automation:

  • Time-consuming tasks like opening files are now automated, allowing the company to focus on more critical aspects. Workflows and processes are now streamlined.
  • Automation is not one-size-fits-all. FlowFit allows customization to specifically meet the unique needs of the bank.
  • Task allocation is simplified, as FlowFit instantly identifies the best available resources, ensuring top-notch results.

Economic Efficiency:

  • With FlowFit, the company now has all the functions necessary for translation management in one place.
  • Quality control and reporting have been greatly improved, allowing the company to rely on reliable data.
  • The result? Significant savings in time and money!


  • The business can count on a secure software who will protect all the data of its clients.
  • FlowFit is certified Cybersecure Canada and SOC 2.

FlowFit is committed to providing customized solutions that meet the specific needs of its clients. In the case of this games developer, FlowFit will focus on effective resource management, strategic planning, and improving collaboration between teams. This approach will allow the games developer to maximize its creative potential while effectively managing its ambitious projects.

This partnership is a testament to FlowFit’s expertise in offering innovative and adaptive solutions capable of meeting the unique requirements of different sectors. It also represents a significant advancement for the games developer, allowing it to optimize its operations and continue its expansion in the video games industry.

By leveraging all the capabilities of FlowFit, the business achieves a notable improvement in productivity and economic efficiency. It’s not just about translating, but doing it efficiently, accurately, and in a customized manner.

Ready to discover how FlowFit can benefit your organization? Contact us and explore the world of optimized translation management.