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FlowFit Welcomes a Major Retail Distributor to its list of customers!

We’re really happy to announce our newest collaboration with one of the Major Retail Distributors. As a leader in the Translation Project Management Software sector, our partnership has enabled the distributor to exploit the full potential of the FlowFit Translation Management Software (TMS).

showing that FlowFit welcome a major retail distributor

Discover the main advantages of adopting FlowFit:

Effective Collaboration:

  • The distributor can now optimize workload distribution and keep a real-time track of tasks.
  • Enhanced communication and collaboration with clients.
  • Improved project management capabilities and efficiency.

Process Automation:

  • Automation isn’t a universal fit. FlowFit offers customization to meet the distributor’s specific needs.
  • Assigning tasks is made more efficient as FlowFit promptly pinpoints the best available resources, ensuring outstanding outcomes.

Seamless Integration with Translation Tools:

  • The integration with their translation tool is seamless enough to give users the impression of working on a single platform.

Economical Efficiency:

  • Quality assurance and reporting have been enhanced, allowing the distributor to trust dependable data.
  • The outcome? Notable time and cost reductions!

FlowFit Features:

  • Translation Project Management: Effortlessly track projects, automate essential tasks, and foster information sharing.
  • Integration with Translation Tools (CAT): The distributor will manage their translation process via memoQ with utmost ease through the FlowFit API connector tool.
  • Workload Optimization: Efficiently manage availability and hand-pick the most qualified resources.
  • Supplier Portal: Suppliers can effortlessly access tasks, manage documents, indicate availability, and send invoices without a hitch.
  • Resource Management: Dive into advanced multi-team management, showcasing the skills, assessments, and availability of each team member.
  • Customer Portal: The distributor can quickly initiate and manage requests via an intuitive interface.
  • Statistical Reports: Generate over 25 different reports, shedding light on production, deadlines, efficiency, cost tracking, and more.
  • Timesheets: Time management is refined as the distributor can monitor time spent on each task and project.
  • Personalization: FlowFit’s flexibility ensures the distributor’s distinct needs are addressed, be it through a local or cloud-hosted solution.

By tapping into FlowFit’s extensive features, the distributor will witness a significant boost in productivity and cost-effectiveness. It’s not just about translating; it’s about executing it efficiently, precisely, and with a personal touch.

Interested in understanding how FlowFit can elevate your business? Dive in and uncover the realm of optimized translation project management!