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How to manage a multicultural team in 5 tips

Since its creation in 2002, Consoltec has designed a translation management system called FlowFit, which optimizes the management of linguistic projects and reduces costs.This solution connects the different stakeholders of a language project such as clients, managers, administrators and language professionals, by offering them functionalities adapted to their needs.
With FlowFit’s features, companies can select their best available resources and best distribute their workload.
In addition, FlowFit integrates various CAT tools such as LogiTerm, SDL Trados and memoQ, thus facilitating the work of resources.
In addition, FlowFit also relieves the company’s overall workload by automating some time-consuming tasks and producing instant reports on company performance for quick and accurate analysis of language projects.
In order to provide high quality service, FlowFit is constantly evolving.Indeed, the members of the Consoltec team are investing more and more every day in the development and improvement of the FlowFit system. Thanks to this involvement, a new version of FlowFit Web 2019 has been released.

The FlowFit Web version is a management application, composed of old functionalities that are also found on the software, as well as new ones only available on this version.
These changes were implemented based on the recommendations of companies already using FlowFit. Indeed, the Consoltec team integrates company requests into the FlowFit system in order to offer an ever more complete service adapted to the needs of corporate customers.

The new features provide all users of the Web version with more simplicity, time savings and work efficiency.

For example, in these new features the project manager can propose a task to several suppliers at once, directly from the application. In this context, FlowFit takes care of emailing, tracking supplier acceptance and assigning the task to the resource at the time of acceptance.

Here too, in the generic workflow functionality, we find the advantage of simplicity when creating a workflow. It allows you to group different groups of linguistic services together to create several workflow configurations.
In addition, FlowFit allows you to use the virtual coordinator feature to automatically generate a memoQ or LogiTerm project with a specific project template. When a FlowFit project is created, the virtual coordinator checks if the project matches certain filters and can automatically generate the memoQ or LogiTerm project. In summary, FlowFit is able to create projects based on the filters and actions chosen in a given model by comparing them with the information included in the project. FlowFit therefore performs an analysis of the project, creates it or the workflows accordingly and assigns the managers who will be in charge of the project.

In the spirit of simplicity, FlowFit now incorporates the principle of single sign-on, allowing a user to access multiple IT applications with only one sign-on.
In addition to the advantages seen above, some new features also provide flexibility in work organization and adaptation to the needs of the company.
For example, one of these features allows the user when creating a task to customize it through the various choices available in the field list.
Another example is parallel workflow, a functionality that allows, unlike a simple workflow, the presence of several distinct tasks simultaneously and therefore the monitoring of several people, the parallel progress of several tasks and a flexible work organization.
Always in a desire to customize, FlowFit offers the administrator the possibility to manage the access rights of users to the application.
In addition, administrators and all authorized persons have access to the user connection manager feature. They can monitor user connections, manage portal access, and even disconnect users. This feature provides an overview of users present or not on FlowFit.
Thanks to this new version of FlowFit, each user now receives notifications for each new action concerning him/her. The various stakeholders can also communicate through notes in FlowFit, minimizing the management of emails outside the application.

The introduction of all these new features enhances the quality of service offered to FlowFit users. They now have a complete system at their fingertips, easy to use and even more adaptable to their needs thanks to these new features.

Consoltec continues to improve FlowFit with the aim of exceeding the expectations of its corporate customers.