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We are sponsoring memoQfest in Budapest!

Come to memoQfest and see the FlowFit and memoQ integration on 7-9 June 2017 in Budapest, Hungary!

Our solution is intended for project managers, coordinators and translators. memoQfest International will be a great opportunity to show you how to improve your translation management, in just a few easy steps.

Since 2002, Consoltec Inc. has been dedicated to providing advanced expertise and technology in linguistic project management and offering clients with high quality solutions. We specialize in translation workflow and process improvement. After 15 years of work in this field, we are able to meet even the highest expectations of our customers. The integration of FlowFit increases productivity and reliability within your company.  It allows you to configure and customize your translation workflow to best suit your needs. Thanks to FlowFit you are organized, efiicient and you are able to save money. No other product will meet your expectations as well as FlowFit will.

Thanks to integration with memoQ, FlowFit exploits all functions proposed by the translation memory. The work of translators is easier and better performed. memoQ stores words and sentences that have already been translated. This allows you to spend less time on redundant tasks and spend more time on your expertise! Come exchange ideas and learn about the added benefits of this integration!

memoQfest International 2017 will be organized in the most famous restaurant of Hungary, the Gundel. As in previous years, the memoQfest shines on industry related topics and discussions, bringing together leading industry experts and attendees from all over the world. It is an event that unites all language industry professionals and gives us the chance to share ideas and bring constructive improvement to the industry.

To get more information check memoQfest official website:

For more information about FlowFit, visit:

We are looking forward to meeting you in Budapest!