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The Angus Technopole: our action in favour of ecology.

Summer is slowly coming to Montreal; the trees are sprouting, and what better time than now to discuss the Technopôle Angus where our offices are located and the commitment to the environment it represents.

Let’s begin by providing you with some highlights on the Technopôle Angus, an industrial park with many factories since 1904. In the early 1990s, all the factories on site close their doors, marking the end of the great industrial era. As a result of these closures, the decision to convert the Angus site into an eco-responsible district is made. 1998 marks the beginning of the construction work to what the Technopôle is now, an avant-garde district.
The primary objective in rebuilding this neighborhood was to respect the environment as much as possible, and it can be said that this objective has been largely achieved since the Technopôle Angus is the first LEED ND certified Platinum level neighborhood in Quebec, with the Platinum level being the ultimate level. This certification affirms that the buildings in the Angus zone are of high environmental quality, taking into account, for example, the development of green spaces in the district, good water management, the materials used in the construction of the buildings and the innovative energy loop implemented in the zone.

This innovative technology park, combining disused former industrial buildings with modern architecture, also combines different lifestyles with offices, multiple shops such as restaurants or bars and residential units. All this is linked by small public squares, a few pedestrian streets and charming outdoor living areas making the area very pleasant. The science park can also be described as dynamic because it is constantly evolving, and new projects are emerging such as the construction of a primary school.

We can therefore say that our team has the opportunity to work on a daily basis in a healthy living space that combines businesses and residences for a dynamic cohabitation of living and working spaces. But above all, the principles of this innovative science park are in total harmony with our values and ethics and our commitment to the environment does not stop at the location of our offices. In fact, all our employees also respect a recycling and composting program within the company. In addition, access to the Angus area is easy because the site is very well served by public transport, which reflects the determination to build an eco-responsible area and, coincidentally, facilitates our employees commute.

For more information, visit the official website of the Angus Technopole: