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We’re Welcoming one of the Big 4 Accounting Firms to the FlowFit Family!

We are happy to announce our newest collaboration with one of the Big 4 accounting firms. As a leader in the Translation Project Management Software sector, our partnership has enabled the firm to harness the full potential of the FlowFit Translation Management Software (TMS). 

Here are the key benefits after implementing FlowFit :

Effective Collaboration:

  • The firm can now optimize workload distribution and keep a real-time track of tasks.
  • Informed decisions are at their fingertips with comprehensive analysis reports and insightful statistics.
  • Improved communication and collaboration with clients and linguists.
  • Improved project management capabilities and efficiency.

Process Automation:

  • Time-consuming tasks like file opening are now automated, letting the firm focus on more critical aspects. Workflows and processes are now streamlined. 
  • Automation isn’t one-size-fits-all. FlowFit allows customization to cater specifically to the firm’s unique needs.
  • Assigning tasks is streamlined as FlowFit instantly identifies the best available resources, ensuring top-notch results.

Seamless Integration with Translation Tools:

  • The integration with their translation tool is seamless enough to give users the impression of working on a single platform.

Economical Efficiency:

  • With FlowFit, the firm now has all their translation management functions in one place. 
  • Quality control and reporting have been greatly improved, enabling the firm to rely on reliable data. 
  • The result? Significant time and cost savings!


  • The firm can count on a secure software who will protect all the data of the clients.
  • FlowFit is certified Cybersecure Canada and SOC 2.

FlowFit Features :

  • Translation Project Management: Effortlessly track projects, automate essential tasks, and foster information sharing.
  • Workload Optimization: Efficiently manage availability and hand-pick the most qualified resources.
  • Supplier Portal: Suppliers can effortlessly access tasks, manage documents, indicate availability, and send invoices without a hitch.
  • Resource Management: Dive into advanced multi-team management, showcasing the skills, assessments, and availability of each team member.
  • Customer Portal: The firm can swiftly create and oversee requests with a user-friendly interface.
  • Statistical Reports: Over 25 statistical reports can be generated, providing insights into production, deadlines, productivity, cost tracking, and much more.
  • Timesheets: Time management is refined as the firm can monitor time spent on each task and project.
  • Personalization: FlowFit’s adaptability ensures the firm’s specific requirements are met, whether they choose a local or hosted solution.

By leveraging the full capabilities of FlowFit, the firm will achieve a notable enhancement in productivity and cost efficiency. It’s not just about translating, it’s about doing it efficiently, accurately, and personalization.

Ready to explore how FlowFit can benefit your organization? Dive in and discover the world of optimized translation project management!